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How to welding industrial casters?

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-16
- - - - - - Adjust the foot - 【 Industrial casters 】 Welding is universal wheel, adjust the feet producers manufacture specializing in the production of industrial casters a common process, usually by two or more than two kinds of material, through different ways of welding together, become a castor welding. At present there are mainly manual welding and automatic welding two welding methods. The use of technology for CO2 welding, the mixture of argon and carbon dioxide protection welding metal droplet and in the process of the invasion of the harmful gas from the outside world. Mixed gas argon accounted for 30%, 70% carbon dioxide. In order to do the best quality of castor plant, to develop and improve the welding technology of professional production of industrial casters, universal wheel after welding of various sizes for the strict rules, including welding orientation and turned to the two products. Of welding current, voltage, welding wire, welding speed, welding wire diameter extended length of audit strictly, make each wheel bracket welding after all meet the quality requirements. We also according to the back of the wheel load test, the test after the use of the wheel durability have improved significantly.
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