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Improve the elasticity and hardness of the pu castor to work from which a few respects

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-28
Improve the elasticity and hardness of the pu castor from which a few aspects, the surface of pu castor full blast processing because of its high pu castor rolling friction when starting with an acceleration, traction test measurement after 5 s level, its size does not exceed 15% of the test load is qualified. Rotational resistance test is in linear or circular motion tester is installed on one or more pu castor, make its direction and driving direction into 90 & deg; 。 Rubber casters adopt soft rubber wheel surface, can very good protection on the ground, soft rubber wheel surface can absorb the shocks caused when moving objects, quiet, relative to the economy, widely used in various occasions. Avoid using cars, tractor trailer to haul. Avoid when carrying weight to one side. Proper spacing of the steering caster wheel can be 360 degrees. Turning radius is reasonable or not directly affects to the service life of castor. The structure of the steering castor for devices under the equipment makes it free to move. Steering castor is divided into two main categories: single wheel is installed on the bracket, and only move along a straight line of the castor is called fixed steering castor. A number of physical and mechanical performance indexes can be adjusted through the selection of raw materials and formulations, within a certain range of change, to meet the different requirements of users on the product performance. Such as hardness, is often the user an important index of products, polyurethane elastomer can be made into Shao Er A hardness of the 20 or so soft printing rubber roller, and can be made more than 70 Shao Er D rigidity rolling roller, this is the general elastomer material is difficult to do. Polyurethane elastomer is composed of many flexible chain segment and rigid chain segments of the polarity of polymer materials, with the improvement of rigid chain segment ratio and the increase of density of polar group, elastomer original strength and hardness will be increased accordingly. Improve the elasticity and hardness of the pu castor from which a few aspects, more news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 359. html
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