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Improve the high temperature resistant wheel speed - four measurement methods

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-07
Work in a food factory employees reaction to a recent issue of high temperature resistant round, he said they recently purchased a batch of high temperature resistant wheel factory, have heavy high temperature resistant wheel have generally light universal high-temperature wheel, the wheels are no problem and are the problems of the quality pass, but the problem appears on the use, when they installed correctly on the cart to use no didn't imagine in so convenient. The problem arises in round heavy high temperature resistant, and light universal high-temperature wheel is much better. When found in normal driving wheel rotation is not very save Labour, total felling the wheels is what card, and then examined the wheels also didn't find the wheel there is a foreign body, but is pushing up slow movement speed. Behind the wheel with the lubricating oil but this still didn't get better. In view of the above this kind of situation don't know if you have found the problem, in fact, the above situation may not be problems with the quality of the product, may itself can't on selection and design in accordance with the practical to select and design, so there will be involved in the problem above. If you want to improve the heavy high temperature resistant wheel movement speed we can start from the following points. Improve the high temperature resistant wheel speed four methods: 1, using advanced bearing casters, such castor flexible rotation, natural rotational speed will be guaranteed. 2, choose castor surface hardness can't be too soft, too soft castor will produce larger friction with the ground, so as to slow down the running speed. 3, choose a larger castor wheel diameter, such castor the rotation distance is also big in a circle, natural faster than small wheel diameter of casters. 4, add caster operation lubricants site, so that we can guarantee the flexibility of caster wheel rotating parts, to the improvement of the rotation speed is a little help. From the above four methods improve the high temperature resistant wheel speed will be able to avoid the problem with the food factory, when we encounter these problems as long as we are careful to avoid. No matter from which aspect to say first according to our own actual situation to choose the size of the high temperature resistant wheel model specifications, and the choose and buy at the same time according to your needs, and pay attention to point to screen, so as to choose good high temperature resistance.
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