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In hard stone floor can use pu castor

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-28
In hard stone floor can use pu castor? High quality polyurethane core wheel, anti-fouling, oil resistance, abrasion resistance and high load-bearing characteristics. Good sealing dustproof, waterproof, and prevent winding wheels adopt sealing performance, bead plate adopts the sealing ring, extremely good dustproof, waterproof and winding resistance, with the choice of suitable for different environments and requirements. The ground of the high strength of polyurethane casters in both indoor and outdoor, can meet the requirements of your handling; High strength synthetic lugs can apply to hotels, medical apparatus and instruments, floors, wooden floor, ceramic tile ground for low noise quiet on the ground when walking driving; Nylon wheel, wheel which can be applied to uneven or there are materials such as scrap iron on the ground; While pep talk round applies to soft light load and road surface is not flat. Decided to carry the weight of the load, the size of the wheel, but also affect the industrial caster wheel rotation, ball bearing applies to more than 180 kilograms heavier load requirements. Using field conditions to choose round big enough to adapt to the scene of the rift. Consider using the size of the pavement, obstacles and other factors. Overload or crash will lead to distortion. Stent deflects the overloaded pressure distortion on individual round wheels and cause premature failure. If it is lever type caster, should be to tighten the nut or solid rivet, and ensure the equipment installation bracket without bending and pole installed correctly. Installing a caster wheel, lock nut or locking washers should be used. Expansion plug pole of castor installation to ensure that the plug rod firmly installed in a casing. Casters are commonly called hard tread H castor. It is the color of the entire surface of the are the same. This model is suitable to use on the carpeted floor. With elastic tires in the form of castor castor called soft tread W. Its tread and the wheel hub has significantly different colors. This is more appropriate to use on the hard stone floor, wood floor or covered by ceramic tile on the floor, or those who have not belong to the textile material laying on the floor. More news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 315. html
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