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In one thousand terracotta warriors was baidu high-tech recovery

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-01
In one thousand terracotta warriors was baidu high-tech recovery! On May 18, baidu announced the depth of cooperation with xian museum of qin shihuang mausoleum of hadrian, baidu will be sent to you by artificial intelligence technology to realize the damage of the Terra Cotta Warriors & other; Recovery & throughout; Intelligent information display and relevant cultural relics. Let users to baidu AR function through when they visit the Terra Cotta Warriors and the Terra Cotta Warriors to interact, to see the Terra Cotta Warriors in one thousand before the original appearance, also can learn more through AR technology related information of the Terra Cotta Warriors. Baidu said vice President shen shaking & other; Technology upgrades brought more likely to historical relics recovery, especially the artificial intelligence technology has a lot of space. We hope to use the AI for the contribution to the historical and cultural heritage, let users more convenient access to information is hard to get by in the past. This new mission with baidu people also use technology to make the complex world more simple. Is the first step of cooperation, with qin shihuang terracotta warriors in the future we will also explore the possibility of cooperation with other historical relics units. ” According to introducing, known as & other; The eighth wonder of the world & throughout; Unearthed qin shihuang terracotta warriors, former is multicolored colour warrior figures, but due to various reasons after the unearthed lost original & other Color & throughout; For modern people is & other; Throughout time regret &; The terracotta warriors of baidu by artificial intelligence technology to achieve the coloured drawing or pattern of recovery. At the same time, baidu also in view of the Terra Cotta Warriors pit ii, here, a total of three AR interaction recovery is achieved, visitors through the phone baidu AR function scans the Terra Cotta Warriors no. 2 pit & other; Plane layout diagram & throughout; &ldquo仍然; Kneeling fire clay light box & throughout; &ldquo仍然; Here structure & throughout; Three triggers, & other; Wake up & throughout; Sleeping in one thousand terracotta warriors, & other; Through & throughout; To the historical situation at that time, the technology also can be connected to the baidu encyclopedia digital museum, synchronization in wikipedia terracotta warriors to experience. Shen shaking, emphasize & other; With the development of science and technology, we have more chance to make up for the regret of the history, especially the artificial intelligence technology matures, technology & other; Wake up & throughout; The means and forms of these historical relics are enriched. Such as AR is used in restoring historical relics more a kind of typical technology. ” To the forefront of AR and image recognition technology applied in the protection of cultural relics, such as AI will bring new opportunities for the historical and cultural heritage. AR application, for example, baidu has built the largest domestic online VR museum, and the sanxingdui museum, zigong dinosaur museum, yungang grottoes, Chinese garden museum of 28 well-known pavilions online. Earlier this year, mobile baidu using artificial intelligence technology such as AR, restoring the old Beijing old nine big gate to the public in & other; Wake up & throughout; The historical and cultural relics, feeling them. Warm prompt: pu castor 24-hour service hotline: 13931801118 official website: http://
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