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In the process of sports load will increase pu castor

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-03
In the process of sports load will increase pu castor? Castor hardware parts before plating is not only to remove grease and influence of matrix on the metal coating adhesion and other quality requirements of foreign body, also want to remove the surface oxide, make its have the specified cleanliness and surface of a certain activity castor castor hardware part plating process control hardware part electric galvanized metal or use condition and the service life of components with castor has close relation with the hardware part of the plating thickness. More rigorous conditions of use and the longer service life, castor hardware parts required by the electric galvanized layer should be more thick. In the place such as factories and warehouses, cargo handling very frequently and heavier load ( Each trundle bearing in 280 - only 420公斤) Chooses to suitable for thick steel plate, 5 - 6毫米) Stamping hot forging and welding of double row ball wheel. Cold castor riveting method that comes natural flow bend deformation of the rivet to metal, will not reduce the notched impact toughness and ductility of material, reduces the rivet and a tangential tensile stress around the pier head too high, the danger of no broken fiber material flow after riveting, can improve the bearing capacity of the rivet. The applicability of the process, the diversity of the polyurethane elastomer is very extensive, application domain expands unceasingly. Caster wheel bearing ability, also known as dynamic load in caster wheel dynamic load is different due to the test in a different way of the factory, material of the wheel will have different and different, the key is to support the structure and quality can impact and shock resistance. When equipment has fundamental impact or vibration of the castor instantaneous load bearing capacity. Static load and static load static load and static load: castor can bear the weight of the under stationary state. If is loose, tighten the immediately. If the inside of the bracket with the loose wheel will be to the rotation of the wheels was damaged or not. Rubber tires or slack is likely to lead to serious breakage scroll is not stable, exceptions and flat load floor damage and so on. Timely replacement of damaged tires and bearing can reduce downtime due to damage of castor cost brought by the loss. Regular inspection and maintenance on a regular basis to the caster and add lubricating oil bearing, where prone to friction lubricating until coming down with a little out, such as wheel core, thrust washers, roller bearing surface of the roller, can reduce friction rotation more flexible use of more convenient. In the process of sports load will increase pu castor? More news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 344. html
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