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Industrial casters and characteristics of the surface treatment way

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-04
Used castor friends all know all kinds of industrial caster stents have been treated surface; No matter you are fixed caster stents or universal casters, castor manufacturers why do stent surface treatment? Mainly because the brackets are made of iron or steel stamping, and in our daily use, due to iron or steel with oxygen oxidation so as to make the whole bracket rust, affect the surface and normal use, this is why so many castor manufacturers take castor stent after surface treatment. And castor stent surface treatment has a lot of weight, we usually see is galvanized, because of its applicability and the cost is low, so we also have a special liking for it; So what's the surface treatment of caster stents are way? And these casters stent surface treatment characteristics and what's the difference? Galvanized, Galvanized English name: Galvanized; Features: new oxide is dense, protect the inner metal from the oxidation corrosion. Stent surface treatment coating: coating English name: Plastic spray; Characteristics: better than the traditional painting a rubbing resistance to impact, the coating appearance quality is excellent, strong adhesion and mechanical strength. Color plating, Color plating English name: Color galvanized. Features: to protect internal metal corrosion, product appearance is more beautiful. Electrophoresis: electrophoresis (English name: Electrophoretic; Characteristics: strong adhesion, paint film is not easy to fall off, continuous bending critical skin, not any part in film thickness is uniform. Eliminates the spraying in the crust, as well as the tears of failure. Accord with environmental protection, water-based coatings, non-toxic, no pollution, no harmful material residues. Caster stents surface treatment regardless of the caster is galvanized, plastic spraying, color plating or electrophoresis, the surface treatment is to prevent the caster stents corrosion. And their surface treatment in a different way, their characteristics are different, so the final effect is different, so we when choosing what type of caster wheel surface treatment, surface treatment should be based on demand and to choose a different way. This paper label: shock casters industrial truckle heavy-duty casters a: different ground environment matching different revolving cars castor next article: castor enterprise development and changes
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