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Industrial casters how to prevent stent rust

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-04
Industrial casters rust, is a common phenomenon. Is also a heavy duty castor, some is easy to rust, some are hard to rust. In a humid place of industrial caster wheel is easy to rust, kept in dry places of ultra-low heavy-duty casters but it is not very easy to rust; Exposed in the air casters is easy to rust, the paint of the suspension castor wasn't very easy to rust. Why will appear this kind of phenomenon? Heavy duty castor rust and what factors? Through the experiment we found that water and oxygen is to make the cause of industrial casters are easy to rust. Light has water won't rust industrial casters, only when the oxygen dissolved in the water in the air, oxygen in water environment and heavy-duty casters chemical reactions occur, will generate something called oxidation castor, this is the castor rust. Castor is a substance of palm red rust, it is easy to fall off. After a castor completely rust, the volume can be increased 8 times. If you don't remove castor rust, the spongy castor rust is particularly easy to absorb moisture, castor will rust faster. Know the secrets of industrial casters rust, we can effectively prevent the formation of castor rust. Casters in wet or humid place easier than dry place of heavy duty castor to rust, because industrial casters in wet or humid place easier than dry place shock absorption castor contact with water. And painted the ultra heavy duty caster wheel is not easy to rust because of the paint have played an important role in isolation from the air and water. And if you want to reduce industrial casters rust, can from the conclusion of experiment, arbitrary cut off one of the conditions of rusty. If paint above and then cut off the heavy duty castor and air of contacts to prevent rust products. Surface treatment of castor, is one of the important measures to effectively prevent the caster and rust, its main divided into galvanized and electrophoresis two methods, the two methods are widely used, not only because of its unique antirust effect, but also has other advantages, specific as follows: galvanized surface treatment advantage 1, low processing cost, the cost of galvanized anti-rust than other paint coating cost is low; 2, rust resistance is strong, galvanized after processing of castor for years is not easy to rust; 3 good, reliable performance, the metallurgical bonding between the galvanized layer and steel, as steel part surface, so the coating durability is more reliable; 4 strong toughness, coating, galvanized layer to form a kind of special metallurgical structure, can withstand the caster's movement and use by mechanical damage; 5, comprehensive protection, plating pieces of each part can be galvanized, even in the universal wheel, castor sag, sharp corners and hidden can be fully protected; 6, do not affect welding, metal surface can still be welded after galvanized processing, such as: welding after assembly. Advantage 1 electrophoresis surface treatment, the intensity is high, when the temperature is 150 ℃ baking, the hardness can be up to 3 - 4H; 2, good flowing property, paint film feeling is strong, paint film is slippery feeling good; 3, good adhesion and penetration, coating pervasive, wet film and dry film adhesion is strong; 4, resistance to discoloration and corrosion performance, when baking temperature reaches 180 ℃ - 190 ℃ artifacts also does not change color, such castor lasting bright color products, excellent corrosion effect; 5, electrophoresis uniformity is good, paint film is uniform flat, in the 30 - Can pass over to 10-150 - v 25 um, high efficiency, low power consumption; 6, impact resistance and good artificial sweat resistance; 7, electrophoresis all sorts of color, such as: black, brown, red, blue, green and other kinds of color, cooperate with matte ion, also can achieve a dumb and other effects. This paper label: shock casters industrial truckle heavy-duty casters a: industrial caster wheel brake and notice the next: proper use of industrial wheels, can increase the life of universal casters
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