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Industrial casters or ShanHe for production of a good

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-11
In ShanHe industrial casters co. , LTD is a professional production of caster and group company, head office in Taiwan grain company. Has more than 30 years of castor production experience. Company with its' high-quality products, reasonable price, and excellent after-sales service, win the market, winning customers'. Create 'castor real China, leading technical innovation trend' is a grain of desire, the company wholeheartedly for your service, create the Chinese themselves' casters brand '. We can provide more than 5000 in different castor, from small furniture caster to each can only bear castor 10 tons of heavy industry. Whether forklift, trolley, supermarket trolley, medical beds and other common products. Or in a plane used in industry, the automotive industry with industry and electronic industry and other demanding, customers don't have to look for everywhere, grain of caster wheel can satisfy your needs. Industrial casters is mainly refers to a caster wheel used in machinery factory or products, it can choose imported reinforced nylon ( PA6) , super single wheel made of polyurethane, rubber, integral whole product has a high impact resistance and strength. Bracket of metal parts is made of high qualified steel plate after galvanized or chrome plated anticorrosive processing, internal installed using the method of integrated injection molding precision ball bearings. Its main properties and characteristics of the 1, using high pressure punch production of castor support, stamping molding, suitable for 200 - 500 kg capacity short-distance transport of goods. 2, can be used according to different user environment can choose all kinds of material and the width of the load of the caster. 3, usually industrial caster wheel can be used in the factory, workshop, commercial, catering and other industries the use of the environment. 4, can according to the size of the environmental bearing capacity to meet the needs of users to design different castor products. 5, optional industrial ball bearing and roller bearing industry. Contact phone number: 13713454177.
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