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Industrial casters overweight low center of gravity

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-11
Industrial overweight low center of gravity of castor wheels information: brand name: the ShanHe of origin: China guangdong type: overweight low center of gravity wheel series products: overweight low center of gravity wheel models: 17 - b 01 - 202 b - 065 ( A) Material: nylon color: black wheel diameter: 65 mm - 75mm( 2 '- 3 ') Wheel width: 50 mm bearing: 300 kg - 600 kg wheels: wheel surface adopts imported nylon material, with high mechanical strength, wear resistance, shock absorption does not hurt the floor, and other functions, double bearing wheel body structure is simple, compact, more flexible, more easy and convenient to use. Support: ultra-low structure and unique design of circular arc form dual track, more resistant to heavy, more practical, black lacquer surface treatment, greater improved corrosion resistance, life is more assured. Use scope: widely used in all kinds of ground, resistance to chemical corrosion, radiation, etc. , are widely used in medical treatment, food processing plants, plant handling, warehousing logistics, machinery manufacturing and other industries. Use the temperature for - 35~90℃。 Appearance: black wheels with black paint metal stents, more sunlight, temperature changes, dust and rain water environmental factors, such as two years in general will not rust.
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