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Industrial casters, pay attention to maintenance is more important than the choice of big shop sign

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-13
Industrial casters as an important branch of casters products, now has more extensive application in the field of industry, compared with other castor products applied in the field of view, industrial casters daily use frequency is higher, and different industrial caster and its design key points are all different, many consumers will make fun of buying their own industrial caster wheel life is short, a lot of time is just the way is not correct, daily maintenance of industrial casters in place is much more important than the choice of big shop sign, today let's take a look at industrial castor the daily maintenance of how to do it. First of all, in the process of industrial casters in daily use to try to avoid improper use or overload for a long period of time, heavy industry universal wheel goods light on the car, when you need to avoid compression due to the gravity of the moment caused by the instantaneous load combinations of castor products are overweight, the negative effects for castor equipment is very big, will largely influence the use of castor products, at the same time, using product if need to overload use under the conditions, so as soon as possible to finish all kinds of transport operations, and the weight as far as possible in the process of transportation to choose the road construction better road transport is better, because turbulence environment will further increase the wear castor products. In addition, industrial casters in use after a period of time to prepare for stents and fasteners, universal wheel bassoons wheel nut tightening and check the welding cracks, or between the support plate to have loose or damaged, the distorted stents can make heavy tilt on individual casters which would cause the damage of the castor products one step closer. In addition, industrial casters who have used must have a loss, we do care on a regular basis and is not in order to avoid loss, but can reduce the damage of casters products, add lubricating oil is a common way of maintenance, to industrial casters regularly lubricating oil can prolong the service life of product, well at the same time also can improve the efficiency of daily use, suggest you can buy the special equipment for industrial casters daub lubricating oil product is better, in general, medium casters daub a lubricating oil products six months. Castor if there is any breakage is serious condition to timely replacement. Industrial casters now popular on the market is very broad, for many buyers also have more options, but how to choose those who still need to pay more attention to the spectrum of the product details, including product brands, manufacturers to provide after-sales service and so on, the different industrial castor material applicable environment is different, suggest that buyers can understand basic information in advance, so that they can more targeted when the choose and buy. If use castor often in harsh environments, it is better to adopt special castor, for example high pressure is good, wear-resisting castor material, etc. Master correct nursing methods of industrial casters can prolong the service life of casters products, at the same time also can take maximum effectiveness of industrial casters, above are some of the common nursing skills, but these nursing skills are fundamental, castor combination equipment need to be once a year overhaul, to ensure the quality of the equipment, and avoid economic loss caused by castor breakdown products, castor maintenance and there are many, interested friends can know more.
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