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Industrial casters rust and what factors

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-13
Is also industrial truckle products, some are easy to rust, some are hard to rust. In a humid place truckle products are easy to rust, kept in dry places truckle products is not very easy to rust; Exposed in the air casters products are easy to rust, the paint of the castor products are less easy to rust. The industrial casters rust and those factors? ShanHe of trundle through years of experience in production, sales, castor is summarized, castor rust due to water and oxygen is to make the cause of the castor is easy to rust. Light has water won't rust castor, only when the oxygen dissolved in the water in the air, oxygen in water environment and castor chemical reactions occur, will generate something called oxidation castor, this is the castor rust. Industrial casters rust is a kind of brownish red material, it is not as hard as castor, it is easy to fall off. After a castor completely rust, the volume can be increased 8 times. If you don't remove castor rust, the spongy castor rust is particularly easy to absorb moisture, castor will rust faster.
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