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Industrial casters - what are the maintenance method

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-16
Adjust the foot - 【 Industrial casters 】 Universal wheel, adjust the foot manufacturers in The Times of industrial manufacturing technology constantly improve the industrial caster wheel manufacturing technology constantly breakthroughs, today's industrial casters have fairly good firmness and strength, and also has the function of suspension, even is also equipped with electronic devices, electronic control equipment instrument is realized. And, of course, even industrial caster wheel manufacturing technology and development, service life is longer, also will eventually take failure of or damage to the process of actual use. Once use problems, we need to master certain maintenance method, here are two: one, maintenance of industrial casters to see castor driving conditions, driving castor directly reflect the overall quality. Castor of driving if there is a sound, there may be a joint have larger friction, there is a vibration bearing appeared problem, resistance of hic, shows may have foreign body of winding between shaft lever. 2, check the wheel surface wear condition of industrial casters, the tyre wear degree can reflect the environment of the use place, such as whether the ground has a sharp material or wire cord, etc. , necessary for industrial caster wheel bearing sleeve.
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