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Industrial casters, which products sell well

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-27
Industrial casters belong to important branch of castor industry, has extensive application in the industry, and with the fine development of products, industrial casters alone now has a lot of different classification, including industrial casters, overweight industrial pu castor, today we have different industrial truckle products to do an analysis and comparison, look at the best product market reaction, to the recent need to purchase industrial casters buyers to provide some reference. From different industrial casters recently purchase quantity, high strength nylon casters are very popular in industrial field, because such castor products to support the structure design of the double bead plate durable at the same time, the supporting effect is good, with 6 cm thick steel plate, the operation of the surface of galvanized castor product that makes it more beautiful, the wheels made from high strength nylon material, YuanBian design resistance is small, with high quality bearing design, has good resistance to chemical corrosion resistance, so these casters in the field of industrial practicability of the products is good, so is particularly popular, have of various sizes of castor products on the market, everyone to do screening can be combined with the actual situation. High-tech pu castor is also one of the market to buy hot, its appearance is beautiful and in the process of promoting the noise is small, can protect the ground, and such castor products has a big characteristic is his strong oil resistance, suitable for long distance amber stones often mobile device to use, many industrial high frequency on the use of castor products such as mobile devices often collocation, the effect is good, plus polyurethane materials and new products, so the whole market reaction is very good, won a lot of friend's attention and high praise, many in the field of industrial customers is preferred to its, in the scope of its highest carrying a 450 kg, we can according to the actual situation to do screening. Medium-sized plastic castor is also commonly used in industrial field of castor products it supports double bead plate structure, and bead plate of orbit is after heat treatment, durable, the operation of the surface of galvanized can make plastic castor reduce friction, prolong its service life, in addition to plastic products is in itself a good chemical stability, thus can be used in many circumstances, but plastic castor bearing ability is not very good, when considering transportation operation Suggestions to choose pu castor products is preferred. Mute castor sales is also very good, its beautiful shape and slide in the noise is small, suitable for quieter occasions to use in industrial areas, generally quiet caster wheel bearing capacity is not very good, each carrying capacity at about one hundred and fifty kg of castor, specific caster wheel bearing capacity considering the actual situation is preferred. Good product even without too much publicity can still get a lot of friends of the trust and praise, hope everybody when considering the application effect of the actual product can be combined with the actual situation to consider, including the use of the environment, need to purchase the number of casters, etc. , these factors will affect the use effect of the castor products, if the conditions of use and scope for castor products is not very understanding of the purchaser can consult relevant personnel, they will be according to the requirement of the purchaser to recommend qualified castor products, hope everybody can buy suitable castor products.
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