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Industrial casters you such maintenance

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-12
To avoid improper use or equipment. Users of wheeled equipment responsible for proper maintenance and operation. If it is to overload, the weight to light on the cart. 1, regular inspection and fasteners. The loose wheel shaft and the nut tightening and check weld or support plate for damage. Overload or impact will lead to deformation. Stent overloading tilting deformation caused by pressure on individual wheels wheel premature failure. 2, add lubricating oil regularly, wheels and bearing can use for a long time. Put grease on a wheel shaft, sealing ring and roller bearing friction within the site, can reduce friction and make more flexible rotation. Under normal circumstances every six months on a lubricating oil. 3, castor also don't be too loose or too tight also, timely replacement of the damaged castor to avoid unstable rotation. Inspect and replace the wheel after, shall ensure that use lock washers and nut tightening wheel axle. Because of loose axle can lead to friction wheel with stents and jammed. 4, if the activity is too loose, it should be replaced immediately. Such as castor center rivet nut is fixed shall ensure that its locked firmly. Such as activity can't free rotation, should check the ball in the presence of corrosion or dirt. 5, the function of industrial casters cannot be changed, universal wheel is not affected by installation. Fixed between industrial casters must instead of axle on a straight line. Turn shaft must always vertical movement. 6, if the fixed rotation and industrial casters industrial casters, all industrial truckle so universal wheel must be compatible with each other. If only use spinning industrial casters, they must be consistent. Above introduction is industrial casters maintenance skills, hope for your help. If necessary please contact 13713454177 Mr Wen.
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