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Industrial heavy duty castor - to wear

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-23
Universal wheel, adjust the foot manufacturers high surface hardness, scratch resistance, impact resistance, high strength, good weather resistance, Is not afraid of the sun) The screen partition sunshine board in furniture is this material hollow extrusion molding. Features: high price of capital, about 40% higher than PMMA. Industrial casters protective coating on the surface preparation of polycarbonate. The variety also belongs to the transparent material. Examine the influence law of process parameters on the coating growth process, by using SEM and XRD test of micro-arc oxidation coating microstructure, the corrosion resistance of organic coatings by neutral salt mist experiment, through the friction and wear experiment study of friction and wear properties of the coating. The results show that the current density and oxidation time is as important a consideration as quality and thickness of micro-arc oxidation coating parameters; γ- A l2O3 micro-arc oxidation coating of the main phase, composition and substrate material of electrolytic casting self-lubricating wear-resistant industrial casters chemical composition, microstructure refinement of primary silicon in metamorphic process and its influencing factors, the optimal parameters of the metamorphic process is determined. Also detailed Mg2Si phase, the choice of the corrosion process was studied to determine the corrosion effect of the mixed with potassium dichromate solution best. Comparing several kinds of industrial caster wheel wear resistance, it can be seen that the new research of the alloy is a kind of possible new materials for industrial heavy duty caster wheel cylinder. Hydraulic components will affect the phase composition of coating; Coating thickness and hole sealing treatment on corrosion resistance of coating has a significant impact, through the appropriate process preparation and processing of micro-arc oxidation resistant coating can reach more than 2000 h neutral salt spray test time, excellent corrosion resistance. Micro-arc oxidation treatment can significantly improve the wear resistance of industrial casters, and industrial heavy duty castor basal body compared with hard anodic oxidation film, the wear resistance of micro-arc oxidation coating by about 400 times and 50 times respectively.
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