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Introduction to high temperature resistant round why so popular

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-01
High-temperature wheel has high mechanical properties, tensile, compressive, impact strength than ordinary plastic strong many, in the case of high temperature 280 ℃ can be flexible rotation, smooth, walking round piece don't wear corrosion, such as resistance to high temperature is the best, and have excellent peripheral accessories, thanks in large part to further improve the overall performance of the high temperature resistant round, let it in a different environment to be able to function properly, reduce the defects in the process of operation because of its own cause damage to the product itself. 1, support features: double bead plate structure, high-quality steel, the corrosion resistance of galvanized. 2, material: wheels made from natural high quality high temperature resistant materials production, professional designed for high temperature job-shop, scroll elastic, trace, taxi noise is small. 3, wheels matching support: floor type, screw type, rod type, pore type. 4, the highest applicable temperature range: 230 ℃ 280 ℃, brake matching: edge, double brake. High temperature resistant wheel stent using high-quality steel, through galvanized processing, has a good acid and alkali resistance, anti-oxidation effect. Select precision stainless steel bearings, steel balls, and ensure that castor flexible and durable. And each style are through bearing test, high temperature resistant wheel according to the normal load, by walking 3 min pause 1 min, the speed of 4 km/h, walking wheels for 20000 times; The tire without peeling and partial excessive abrasion; Each part of the caster and no more than normal damage and its influence use permanent deformation, bearing rotation is normal, no loose and card plug phenomenon for qualified. The high temperature resistant wheel itself is another step to improve performance.
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