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Investment growth heavy universal wheel - market performance analysis

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-22
Universal wheel, adjust the foot manufacturers investment growth slowed gradually lead to the traditional mechanical industry, due to global economic recovery is weak, the influence of the domestic economy running low. Machinery industry production capacity expansion is a certain degree of containment, the boom of industry downturn has become an indisputable fact. Traditional machinery, general machinery, such as strong cyclical subdivision plate in there for a period of time the upcoming systematic investment opportunities in the future. But the government advocates focus on structural adjustment, and economic transformation of the economic growth of new industry will become the future the trend of The Times, new high-end machine will usher in the spring. Nuclear power equipment sector is remarkable. High-speed operation mileage 2 in 2016. 20000 kilometers, 10 year-on-year growth. According to 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning' corresponding to 16-9% 20 years an average annual compound growth rate of eight. 1% due to base effects growth fell, but still higher growth rate was higher than that of railway as a whole. Heavy-duty casters machinery industry point of view and combination: the current investment continued rapid growth in the emerging industry, the traditional manufacturing after profits improve also strengthened the capital spending will, form a superimposed resonance. Think, fully benefit from the technical reform of manufacturing machinery and equipment industry, industrial upgrading, and the key technical breakthrough, quality and efficient supply is the outstanding value of excellent mechanical equipment enterprise still focus on select excellent company competition ability, traditional areas suggest that focus on the expansion of market share and historical baggage cleaning thoroughly, improve profitability and asset quality repair of leading enterprises; Emerging growth sector, board type furniture equipment, lithium electric equipment, 3 c electronic equipment, semiconductor equipment and sanitation equipment are presented the strong elasticity of demand. Based on industry demand, excellent enterprise financial improvement, continue to offer machinery industry 'buy' rating, suggested that positive attention needs toughness, structural change, focus on niche superior enterprises. In order to ensure long-term sustained economic development, Marine petrochemical resources mining will be increasingly important, the Marine engineering equipment in the wide prospect of market. For developing countries, especially China, huge energy demand and consumption to meet only from the exploitation and utilization of all kinds of fuel. Although our country is a vast land, rich in reserves the resources, but available petrochemical energy, such as oil, natural gas and other resources are relatively less. Among them, the heavy universal wheel land proved oil reserves account for only two of the world. Gas is less 4%, to 1. 2% and the per capita of oil, natural gas is far worse than the world average. In order to ensure that heavy universal wheel to long-term sustained economic development, Marine petrochemical resources mining will be increasingly important. Ocean mining, therefore, must be of Marine oil and gas equipment will be the main development direction of the new situation. 3 c equipment could usher in a new development opportunity. 60 - consumer electronics components 80% of precision components, an important part of consumer electronics products, is also a key link in the design and manufacture of 1/2 of the consumer electronics product development cycle as the consumer electronics industry in recent years the rapid development of the manufacturing capacity, intelligent terminal products, especially the function of the smart phone and hardware difference is shrinking. And smart phone update faster, so that the details of the product design brands of watches. Precision components can bring customers the most intuitive feelings, and therefore brands in the field of investment increasing, the pursuit of the beautiful sex of high-level, manufacturability, as a result, the consumer electronic precision parts surface treatment industry is developing rapidly.
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