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Is Dajin caster an OBM?
Zhongshan Dajin caster Co.,Ltd., adhering to its service tenet of serving clients with heart and soul, is widely trusted by its clients. Get quote! Focus on the Production of caster wheels for Years rubber casters produced by Dajinstands out among many products in the same category. And the specific advantages are as follows. With a focus on customers' potential needs, Dajinhas the ability to provide one-stop solutions.

Abnormal Hall-Petch formula Functional Materials refer to those with excellent electrical, magnetic, optical, thermal, acoustic, mechanical, chemical, biomedical functions,Special physical, chemical, biological effects,Can complete the transformation of functions,It is mainly used to manufacture various functional components and is widely used in high-tech materials in various high-tech fields.Functional materials are the core of the field of new materials,It is the foundation and guide of national economic, social development and national defense construction.It involves modern high-tech technologies and industries such as information technology, bioengineering technology, energy technology, nanotechnology, environmental protection technology, space technology, computer technology, marine engineering technology, etc.Functional materials not only play an important role in promoting and supporting the development of high-tech,And the transformation and upgrading of China's related traditional industries,To ach

What is screen filtration dehydration? Without considering the difference of dewatering machinery, the dehydration performance of sludge is mainly determined by the following aspects: 1. the size and density of sludge particles are based on the stourke formula. the larger the particles, the greater the density, and the faster the sedimentation, the easier it is to dehydrate. 2. the viscosity of the sludge bacteria form a bacteria glue group, which wraps the water into it, and it is difficult to separate it through mechanical dehydration. 3. on the one hand, the dosage of the agent is able to make the sludge particle bridging and flocculation, which is easy to dehydrate. on the other hand, the viscosity of the sludge becomes larger, making the mud cake become elastic and Q, further dehydration of sludge mud cake is hindered.
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