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Is the price of 4 heavy duty swivel casters favorable?
Zhongshan Dajin caster Co.,Ltd. is currently one of the most professional heavy duty casters manufacture in China. Dajininsists on providing quality products and creating value for customers. We are committed to pursuing excellence for products and services, so as to promote the healthy and sustainable development of our company. rollerblade casters developed and produced by Dajinis widely used. The following are several application scenes presented for you. Dajin's rollerblade casters series contains multiple sub-products. The quality of the product is up to the highest industry standards. Quality check is fundamental to the production of leveling casters. The predrilled mounting holes on it offer quick attachment. The products have good quality and reasonable price. We sincerely look forward to your inquiry and business talk!

Does the front central filter 20 micron filter affect the water output 50? When it is installed, it will not affect the water output. when the water output becomes smaller, it must be washed. Generally, there is a manual flushing switch on the front filter, and the filtered dirt can be washed away. If your water pressure is too large, it is recommended to buy a stainless steel material. don't buy plastic. In terms of parameters, the accuracy is fine enough anyway, and the general front is about 40 microns There is also a series of large particles, such as filtering rust and sediment, that is, protecting water-passing appliances.There is also installation fee when installing, it is best to ask clearly

The difference between the front filter and the water purifier? Many people will issue questions about whether the water purifier needs to be installed. everyone's understanding of the water purifier is only limited to the direct drinking machine at the end. In fact, the front filter is also a category of water purifiers, the front is installed at the front end of the water pipe in the household. before the tap water enters the household, it must go through the pipe network of the front filter to filter out large particles such as sediment and rust in the water. However, the end direct drinking machine is installed in the terminal of tap water, to achieve the final purification, to achieve the standard of drinking. Recently, yikou's new filter treasure base is compact in structure and is especially suitable for narrow space installation. it is a 100 micron high-precision stainless steel filter, effective interception of sediment in the water and protection of wading equipment and pipe fittings the front filte
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