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Its content value of teng kai pu castor

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-29
Its content value of teng pu castor kay, a lot of products in the process of production, we are all the parts need to use caster, take all of us use mobile chair, don't know if you have found that, in the bottom of the chair is composed of a lot of castor, so we can easy move of the space, there is no need to carry this trouble, in the production of other products, its use is very extensive, it's just we use castor varieties, but its USES basically is pretty much the same, so, for the product manufacture object, how should we choose suitable castor? Castor accessories manufacturers to introduce some methods to us, for your reference. Made from a single wheel is installed on the bracket, used to install below the equipment makes it free to move. Castor is divided into two main categories: refers to the center of rotation radius rivet vertical line to the outside of the tire on the edge of the horizontal distance, proper spacing of the caster wheel can be turned 360 degrees. The turning radius is reasonable or not directly affects the service life of the castor. Caster wheel bearing capacity when moving. Also known as dynamic load. Castor of dynamic load due to the implementation of standard and factory test in different ways and different. Also because of the wheel material different and different. The key in the structure of support and quality can impact and shock resistance. Fixed bracket with single wheel, can only move along a straight line. Turning the 360 degrees with single wheel, can run freely in any direction. Installation height means from the ground to the vertical distance between equipment installation position, the installation of the castor height refers to remote the largest vertical distance and castor base plate and the wheel. Its content value teng kai pu castor, more news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 132. html
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