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Kaixin three different application fields in the anti-static wheel

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-19
The earth is a giant magnetic field, so we in the daily work and life in the electrostatic is everywhere. In order to prevent damage due to static electricity, a variety of anti-static facilities arises at the historic moment, castor is not exceptional also, anti-static wheel is produced in this case. According to the north American industrial casters association standard, anti-static castor is guidance coefficient in 10 of 10 to the power between the power 6 to 10, if conductive coefficient is higher than 10 power 6, namely in 10 3 to the power of the power 6 to 10, called conductive wheel in the industry. But in reality, it is widely used to the conductive and antistatic chakras are collectively referred to as antistatic wheel. Anti-static round the main application occasions are electronic industry, some have special requirements of military industrial enterprises, etc. Here, we focus on our kaixin ( CARSUN) Anti-static wheels. We kaixin antistatic conductive coefficient of wheel is 10 3 to the power. 1. Synthetic rubber anti-static chakra: the wheels is the most common worldwide anti-static wheels, the biggest advantage is: the antistatic round protection ground, walking on the ground almost no damage, and sex than with other types of wheel, is still very quiet; Its defect is: low bearing capacity, artificial cart big resistance. Applicable to the good surface condition, low bearing capacity of the car, to the noise requirements higher good environmental conditions. 2. Glass fiber high temperature anti-static wheel: is this kaixin company in 2015 at the request of a military enterprise newly developed a kind of anti-static wheel, the biggest advantage is: the anti-static wheel bearing capacity big, resistant to between 150 and 280 - degree heat, artificial light push; Its defect is: noisy, have damage to the ground. Apply to poor ground condition, car demands a high bearing capacity and high ambient temperature more harsh environmental conditions. 3. Anti-static high-tech hybrid resin wheel: is this kaixin company in early 2016, a German customer requirements of the new development of another kind of antistatic wheel, the biggest advantage is: the antistatic wheel bearing capacity is bigger, driving performance is better, on the surface of the damage, mute and other indexes between synthetic rubber anti-static between wheel and glass fiber high temperature anti-static wheels. Generally applies to the ground conditions, but bearing capacity is larger and the noise has certain requirements of environmental conditions.
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