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Let the consumers buy the rest assured with shu xin is optional kincaid pu castor

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-05
Please don't exceed the industry of polyurethane casters use shows that the maximum load, overload use will cause the cause of the accident. Please do not in acid, alkali, salt, oil, water and other special environment using industrial pu castor. Please don't put the brakes on pads pu castor wheels to force transfer under the condition of industry. Please don't large or significant difference in the use of high and low walking on uneven ground. Do not use in special places where the temperature and extreme temperature. For consumers to buy the rest assured with shu xin is optional kincaid pu castor heavy pu castor rotating plate is more special, it is usually adopted double just ball track, after stamping forming, heat treatment, etc. , but for track, heavy pu castor, at this time will use force bigger plane ball bearing or needle roller bearing, etc. Heavy pu castor products have the best to cooperate with well-known manufacturer, because good brand or enterprise to provide more products with quality assurance, make consumers can rest assured. Pu castor also can improve the polyurethane caster wheel bearing and impact resistant ability, etc. , the heavy industry of polyurethane casters on market also has its particularity compared with other pu castor, in general, heavy industrial pu castor wheels will adopt hardness better hard tread single wheel, nylon wheel, for example, cast iron wheel, forged steel wheel, etc, this kind of pu castor is ideal choice, which is based on actual demand, because of its higher bearing capacity requirements, so you need to have a higher hardness material come equipped with, which is especially suitable for forging steel wheel and polyurethane tire track, industrial pu castor wheels. When purchasing heavy pu castor still have a lot of matters need to pay attention to, for the first time purchase friend may be many ways can't please everyone, if you want to better understand the characteristics and USES of heavy pu castor, etc. , can ask the factory, many manufacturers have a special advisory department, to provide targeted advice to customers, but also can help customers to find more suitable for high-quality products. When we were in the use of industrial high elastic polyurethane casters don't pay more attention. It is easy to cause the damage of the industry of polyurethane casters, this will greatly reduce the service life of industrial pu castor. Therefore, correctly grasp the method of using industrial pu castor. Over the use of industrial polyurethane casters will have a good life. The use of the following methods to industrial pu castor wear, deformation, metamorphism and damage. 。 Please don't use hammer force and brake pads, should be properly push press brake pads [ ON separate /] Part, loosen the brake. Please don't last long in the trailer, traction operation. Please don't take industrial pu castor stationary on the sloping ground. Heavy pu castor wheel diameter is larger, the wheel diameter, the greater the push more effort, and better able to protect the ground, because the stress area is larger, and big pu castor in slow-moving situation is not easy to hot deformation. Pu castor engineering case & # 8203; Now many industries can use pu castor heavy industry, daily work in occasions such as warehouses and factories, transport of goods is very frequent, and the weight is more severe, in order to be able to make in the process of handling would be able to time, at this point in the selection of pu castor and wheel frame need to be more cautious, generally is carrying heavy goods and considering the walking distance is longer, so this time should choose heavy industrial pu castor and thick steel plate ( Between 8 to 12 mm) After cutting wheel frame, welding activities can use flat ball bearing wheel frame, so can make up the defects of heavy mobile not flexible polyurethane casters. At the same time also will be more durable, as much as possible is still under conditions allowing choice diameter larger heavy pu castor is better. But if have certain requirements for mobile speed, under the normal temperature environment, in the case of ground platforms not more than five kilometers an hour, also considering the ground material, obstacles, the external conditions, such as iron filings, if used in a special environment, including low temperature, have certain chemical corrosive environment and so on, should choose the special material of pu castor is better. Now more detailed, the classification of industrial pu castor products with more product design, for consumers, they can make better selection according to actual demand, while heavy duty industrial pu castor just as its name implies is refers to the carrying capacity of larger pu castor, is defined according to the bearing capacity of the pu castor, in general, now on the market of heavy industrial pu castor bearing range between 500 kg and 15 tons, according to user's special needs, of course, many manufacturers can also provide a higher load of pu castor products, but need special custom.
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