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by:Dajin caster     2020-03-11
Light-duty castor for our handling, especially brought epoch-making transformation is a moving object, not only can easily carry, can also with any direction, greatly improving the power. Recently with the rise of industrial transformation, the added equipment need to move unceasingly, castor is used more and more widely in the whole world, all walks of life almost inseparable from the light-duty castor. What is a light-duty castor: we often say the light-duty castor castor is the bearing capacity is low, usually we called the single wheel bearing under 80 kg of light-duty castor. Light-duty castor usually stent using 2 mm - 3 mm mm thick steel plate stamping and become, is suitable for the goods loading is not too high. According to the function can be divided into: floor type, fixed type, screw type light activity type, flat brake type series, such as castor choose material can be divided into: such as rubber wheel, nylon wheel, pu wheel, etc. Advantages: light-duty castor is wear-resisting, low noise, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, flexible rotation, precise orbit, carrying capacity is strong, style fashion, strong practicability, etc; It can be used in hospitals, catering and other kinds of industry. Rotating flexible, low noise, no wheel marks. Most castor stent by spraying, galvanized, chrome plating processing, beautiful and corrosion resistance. Light-duty castor assembly method: screw type, tablet, steering, directional a variety of assembly method. Light-duty castor, therefore, important to have a screw type of dispersive, flat binding type, plate type series such as dispersive, can choose different material single wheel, such as rubber wheel, nylon wheel, pu wheel, etc, the product has good abrasion resistance, low tone, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, rotational dexterity, rail accurately, bearing can be powerful, modern style, comfortable fit with strong sex etc. Characteristics. Although in our understanding of the light-duty castor is a kind of carrying the wheels of the lighter, but we also cannot ignore its using performance and quality, only the excellent product quality to play better performance; So when we need to use to light-duty castor must not treat STH lightly, do not to ignore it because of its low load; At the same time we also want to learn more about light-duty castor knowledge, to better understand and use it.
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