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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-23
On November 10, the first China international import expo, according to official data, in a year, into the expo clinch a deal agreed on 578. $300 million, of which, intelligent and high-end equipment exhibition turnover was the highest, up to 164. 600 million dollars. AGV as a kind of intelligent equipment, is more popular and attention at the scene. Some people say that this is a Chinese from 'global' to 'buy' of the world's great cross-cutting change, but a lot of things is not a foreign good, like the moon is not a foreign. Such as AGV, AGV industry booming in China, especially with the mass use of AGV logistics industry, China's overtaking the historic opportunity of AGV may have corners. Siasun, such as fast storehouse, jingdong, rookie AGV companies are strong rise. The rise of AGV enterprises, drives the rise of a large number of AGV supporting enterprises. Among them, represented by castor on until supporting enterprise is gradually growing as the industry benchmark. In the industry's first put forward the 'custom' $0 AGV castor services, and also for nearly 1000 AGV enterprises to provide professional technical support and services. At the same time, vigorously investment and focus on the AGV castor technology research. Constantly, in series, high quality products have obtained many user affirmation, the user covers, fast storehouse, southeast university, zhejiang university and other institutions and enterprises. Today, until for AGV industry had been developed several series of products, covering AGV driving wheel and driven wheel. Smaller, more flexible two-wheel driven pulley, eccentricity which has the function of the secondary suspension driven wheel, a more stable single wheel load of 500 kg, the driver is only 2% of driven wheel aluminum core rubber grain driving wheel, AGV is more efficient to don't skid not only that, we also provide custom 0 yuan, free open mould, if you have any need to welcome you to add my company's technical engineers: Xu Gong, 189, 1649, 3910. ( Mobile phone with WeChat ID) To learn more.
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