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Low center of gravity of the castor application and installation

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-04
Installation and check to use the product, do not put heavy objects around in order to avoid damage, and most things that are easily damaged not commonly used. Good product can better explain the castor the importance in the production. In modern society, the development of industry, the progress of science and technology, low center of gravity castor also presents the diversified development trend. The performance of the product as the change of actual production needs. Truckle products to all have a certain understanding, proper and improper place responsible for operation and maintenance, to avoid improper use or overload, low center of gravity should you use castor in place, can protect the goods in the goods under the pressure of pressure. The weight of product installation and a series of links need to be in accordance with the corresponding process operation. Any things cannot treat STH lightly, low center of gravity caster wheel can be used with 5 t the following equipment, good stability, for the security of the equipment, reduce equipment of various unknown dangers. All kinds of technology to achieve the desired effect, including some special requirements, but also through special processing, such as: 1, improve the double track structure; Two basic types, SIDE brake; 3, ground protection device and the wheel rotational good; 4, super-heavy low height the safety of the structure; 5, galvanized surface treatment can be environmental protection, electrophoresis, etc. Has the very high flexibility, low center of gravity caster and many areas of application is very extensive. Such as: 1, the supermarket computer desk; 2, electronic computer; 3, medical equipment. Require significant, low center of gravity of the equipment. This paper label: low center of gravity castor heavy-duty casters industrial casters a: zhongshan big into castor help you parse mute casters under the edge of an article: horizontal adjustment castor - — Instruments and meters, cabinet equipment exclusive castor
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