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Maintenance considerations - industrial casters

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-18
Universal wheel, adjust the feet, manufacturers often check universal casters tightness structure and regular in the side or on both ends of the rotating wheels castor, check the following: 1, the welding point whether cracks or welded plate 2, loosening of nuts and bolts have 3, check the equipment structure distortion caused by overload or violent collision, the weight is not evenly Shared by a one or two universal wheel casters will lead to universal wheel caster wheel deformation, wheel can turn. 4, if it is match the universal wheel casters inserted rod, to ensure that equipment installation hole is not bent, and inserted link closely linked. 5, use locknut or check washer to install castor 6, confirm whether expansion rubber lining installation location tighten in place to add lubricant to add lubricant to universal wheel caster or wheel on a regular basis. Add frequency depends on the specific usage, generally every half a lubricating oil, but in humid and corrosive environment best additional once a month, every time cleaning the caster equipment also want to add a lubricant, on these occasions must use high temperature resistant and waterproof grease. In the process of using regular add lubricant to universal wheel casters and bearing, where prone to friction lubricating until there are a few overflow, such as wheel core, thrust washers, roller bearing surface of the roller, can reduce friction rotation is more flexible.
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