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Maintenance skills - universal wheel

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-17
Castor wholesale - 【 Industrial casters 】 Universal wheel, adjust the foot manufacturers all mechanical parts need regular maintenance and repairing, so that the parts can be use for a long time. Universal wheel as the transport mechanism of moving parts, often bear the main pressure of mechanical loss, therefore, universal wheel maintenance is particularly important. Here share the universal wheel maintenance skills, mainly three tasks: lubricating, removal of entanglement, prevent rust. A, lubricating oil. Universal function of rotating wheel bracket steel ball is the most important parts, bearing operation is often in the friction state, site regularly lubricating oil can effectively keep the lubrication state, reducing wear metal parts, thus greatly extend the life of the universal wheel. Second, removal of entanglement. This work is closely associated with the operating conditions of a universal wheel, usually in some department stores, supermarkets, warehouse on the ground will have all kinds of cord, leather, paper bags, plastic pieces and impurities, these impurities are easily wrapped around the universal wheel bearing parts, causes the damage of universal wheel. So if found to have impurities, should keep clear of in time. More than three, universal wheel bracket for metal, despite anticorrosive coating metal surface often, however, universal wheel at any time during the process of using surface rust layer of wear out will bring metal corrosion. Therefore, once found that has a large area of the rust layer from can apply anti-rust oil antirust paint. In general, a little attention to maintenance, we will be able to make universal wheel play a maximum use of utility, achieve the longest service life.
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