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Medical casters, different equipment application of castor products vary

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-13
Medical casters in castor products is an important branch of product, it is mainly applied to various medical equipment, with modern medical means and equipment constantly improve, now all kinds of medical casters on the filter also had more strict standards, medical caster design need to be able to meet the needs of the health care industry, but also take into account the special industry to the requirement of product design, in general, qualified medical casters on the market in order to adapt to the requirements of the hospital running lightweight, flexible steering, elasticity, quiet operation and other characteristics, more popular medical caster design include stainless steel castor, light-duty castor, all plastic casters, and so on, but although the various medical truckle is numerous, but we are considering the different equipment application or want to consider in combination with the actual situation, today we'll look at different equipment together with different requirements. Line network trolley equipment are mainly adopts flexible steering wheels, in the majority with stainless steel wheels, because castor stainless steel material design is excellent and can have good heat resistance and anticorrosive, and so on, can improve the using effect of product, stainless caster also better to clean up, little noise in the process of running at the same time, also can wear, winding and so on, so good applicability, recommend considering medical truckle products to consider a lot of different specifications of the stainless steel caster wheel. Medical bed is mainly applicable to the treatment, rescue the patient transport, etc. , so the caster wheel steering flexibility and stability of the equipment is very important, and generally applies to medical bed have stainless steel castor castor, high-grade light-duty castor, etc. , such as light castor chrome support circular casters, such castor products on the market has a very high popularity, its each trundle bearing capacity up to eighty kg, can be suitable for transport load condition of the patient, castor products also match the precision ball bearing, flexible steering at the same time is also very deft, deserve to go up such castor can double brake configuration, use more secure. Push mute car is also widely used in the medical industry, generally with such equipment collocation use castor products requiring mute, mute effect on market and better castor full plastic mute casters, such castor equipment in use when the noise is small, and flexible steering, can also have good corrosion resistance, and the growing popularity of this kind of medical truckle is really fire. Now offer all kinds of different design medical truckle is numerous, for purchase of the castor or need a good filter manufacturers, select cooperation with on high quality manufacturer, so can better guarantee the quality of the product. Good manufacturer even without too much publicity can still get a lot of consumers' evaluation, they often brand has a long history, is known as an old industry, with many years of sales experience and improve the supply system and satisfy different consumer demand for products, trustworthy. Medical truckle about the health care industry whether can normal daily work efficient, medical caster must be able to ensure the quality, it is also one of the belongs to the high utilization rate, suggest that we can know more about what are the hot products industry purchase, comprehensive comparison, choose more on good quality products.
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