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Medical casters, purchasing skills

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-13
Now has all kinds of casters products on the market, and with the structured castor industry, all kinds of casters products classification is more clear, according to the use of industry was divided into industrial casters, medical casters, and so on, today let's take a look at the castor widely used in medical industry has the technical requirements, at the same time we when faced with a wide variety of castor products how to make rational selection. Medical casters in the majority with lightweight stainless steel casters, because this kind of material of castor good heat resistance, simple and easy, and lightweight stainless steel caster can quiet operation, comply with the health care industry for castor product operating flexibility, quiet operation, and on the market all kinds of different size of the stainless steel medical truckle is also purchase hot spots. In addition, medical truckle is usually combined with different equipment, so we are considering the trundle item also want to consider, the combination of overall equipment including bearing capacity, flexibility, product mix effect how, in general the greater the diameter of casters, their flexibility and stability is better, but it is important to note that the truckle products, is also a large caliber combination equipment will improve the unfavorable to the center of the actual operation, the stock and we are considering all kinds of medical truckle products should combine reality, will not be able to choose at will. Medical caster wheel bearing capacity needs to be addressed, the healthcare industry is closely related to life and health, and at the time of first aid or carried to send patients will value stability and safety of equipment operation, so the quality of the caster must be able to get health care, we in selecting medical truckle to different product details to be able to focus on, caster wheel bearing capacity since needless to say, look to see if there is any breakage and caster, caster and the design of the product specification, etc. , in order to be able to make medical casters in daily operation can be more at ease, is suggested to consider truckle products brand is better, because a lot of times truckle brand has certain awareness is the strength and quality of representative. Medical truckle single wheel structure is also is important to note that the medical industry for castor products of flexibility, security, mute had high requirements, such as the operation and control of castor, rotary force, and other countries also to certain requirements, recommend to truckle can consider more, when the choose and buy comprehensive thinking. If it needs to be in the actual use castor can have high stability, high load ability to consider the design. Medical truckle like other castor products, medical truckle also includes all kinds of caster wheel parts, such as stents, in general the health care industry will adopt metal stents, further improve the trundle bearing capacity. Castor products of spare parts for the actual application effect is also has a great influence. , although said castor products there is a lot of different manufacturers to provide quality products, for the purchaser will not every manufacturer's products can meet their thoughts, Suggestions be able to know more before it is to buy medical truckle under basic information, including what material of castor is suitable for chemical environment, what kind of castor good flexibility and elasticity, all-round meet the practical requirements of each environmental health, if for medical casters don't know much friends can ask the staff.
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