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Medical truckle application, how to consider

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-14
With the gradual refinement of castor product design, medical truckle products is now have more update optimization design, medical truckle just as its name implies is the main operation can be used in the medical industry transportation professional casters, such castor industry has a good application effect, today we will take a look at the medical screening of castor how to choose it. To different buyers, when they are considering medical casters or want to these products have a better understanding, including the use of different castor products and a variety of specific scope of application, such as castor because now medical truckle branch is more detailed, such as elastic castor, mute casters, and so on, the health care industry are most of castor of combination equipment, in order to be able to adapt to the requirements of the health care industry running light, flexible steering, usually adopt stainless steel or this is the castor, pu material support using electroplating treatment can reduce the wear and tear, also can reduce the dust adhered on the surface, etc. , at the same time, the rational use of castor stents can also improve the load bearing ability of castor equipment. Medical truckle mainly with some medical equipment and emergency bed combination, so need to be able to run medical caster and flexible, but also to ensure quiet operation, at the same time, good castor there won't be stranded sexual problems, etc. , this is also a key to us in the screening of castor products. When we are considering medical truckle to purchase needs to be able to pay attention to details, because medical truckle to adapt or not will be related to life and health, such as first aid equipment must be able to guarantee the quality of our products and suggest buyers can before purchase castor products under test castor flexibility and initiative. In addition to the flexibility of castor consideration, we also need to be able to do the medical caster wheel bearing capacity test, the test need to do whatever the caster, because if the bearing capacity is insufficient, it would be easy to slip in the process of transportation, if the equipment in the transport appeared in the process of the tilt or uneven, it is very dangerous, when we are considering to do medical truckle weighing test to be able to calculate the limit, goods bearing capacity is less than or equal to the three biggest overall bearing and castor, but buy the best able to consider the purchase of four casters. Again, we are considering medical casters or in combination with the actual situation, combined with emergency medical truckle bed castor will adopt universal wheel, so if the drug storage equipment will follow directional wheel, universal wheel collocation is used, such as specific collocation can ask brand and technical personnel, they will be considered according to actual situation. Medical casters in the process of use to try to reduce the noise, now on the market has a variety of ultra-quiet processing castor sell very well, besides quiet operation, medical truckle shall has the characteristics of the winding, because medical truckle is belong to high frequency to use one of the products, its winding prevention is very important. After this introduction, I believe you for how to choose medical casters and medical truckle to purchase, etc. Have more understanding, lots of brand now have different medical truckle products design, you might as well which castor can pay more attention to the product selling well, so that they can make more better.
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