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Medium-sized castor products, what are the daily maintenance

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-25
Medium-sized castor now are widely used in many industries, can improve the efficiency of transportation, at the same time also can reduce the transportation cost, but the covariates products are used there will always be loss, if ignored the daily products and maintenance, can greatly shorten the product life, add extra expense. The use of mechanical equipment very overall quality, and in order to ensure smooth daily operation, daily maintenance of fittings such as castor is little not, today let's take a look at the products of medium-sized castor how to maintain, understand more truckle products maintenance techniques to reduce the wastage of the products. Compared with heavy-duty casters and other equipment, the use of medium-sized castor, broader because not every industry requires high requirement of bearing capacity of heavy duty castor, now many domestic industry can use such products in the daily operation, such as supermarkets transportation, cargo handling, etc. , in fact, castor maintenance is pretty much the same, follow. Medium-sized caster wheel bearing capacity is limited, so the freight volume of the corresponding weight also want to consider good, try not to exceed the scope of medium-sized castor itself bearing, reduce due to improper use for castor products such as overweight, if must need to transport more than bearing range of products, do you need to put light with light, and don't place a long time, as soon as possible will be overweight goods unloaded. Castor products in most cases are bearing heavy burdens when they are going, and load cargo, castor will have product loss in transit, so with that in mind, as far as possible can be used in road facilities compare good place medium-sized castor is better, if it is a rough ground to increase the wear and tear of castor. Also easy to cause the damage to the equipment, etc. , these details friend in everyday still need to pay more attention to when using castor, seemingly irrelevant are role is very big, if use castor often in harsh environments, it is better to adopt special castor, such as high pressure is good, wear-resisting castor material, etc. , can meet the needs of special environment. Again, castor is in use after a period of time may create a stent or nut loose, must be tested periodically, to ensure the integrity of the components, including the test for a solid support, etc. , if the wheel axle signs of loosening, than to show off in use process due to problems such as loose stent products such as fault caused the damage. Castor maintenance done daily can also extend the service life of castor, if because no timely find fault so that the caster and premature failure, it is more pity, so some medium-sized castor nursing knowledge cadbury, and many medium-sized castor of rod, this time to ensure that the rod is installed inside the casing. Equipment used to make regular lubrication, a lot of friends won't feel strange, but also can insist on down, but the lubrication of the castor is also a oh, on a regular basis to truckle to do a good job of lubrication can reduce the wear and tear, so that they can better protect the various components will also be able to let the caster wheel rotation flexibility. In general, medium casters daub a lubricating oil products six months. Castor if there is any breakage is serious situation should be timely replacement, avoid economic losses caused by castor breakdown products, castor maintenance and there are many, interested friends can know more.
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