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Medium-sized castor - what are the classification

by:Dajin caster     2020-03-26
Always rapidly changing market economy, the industrial castor industry are also quietly changing with the market economy; Medium-sized castor mainly refers to the bearing of industrial casters, neither like light-duty castor is too low, also don't want to heavy duty caster wheel bearing too high, that between the two, so users of medium-sized castor still very popular. American families and on the way round and often call medium-sized castor 2 series casters, its bearing limits are the same, just different names differ. Medium casters according to the material classification can include: nylon, polyurethane PU, TPR, PP, rubber materials, such as for material is qualitative different, although both belong to the medium casters series, but bearing range is different. Medium-sized castor by type classification can include: easy startup wheel, backplane activity type/stationary, stainless steel plate, hollow rivet, screw type, rod type, with the brakes several types, including floor it flattened, tubular rivet type is called a hole type. Medium-sized castor industry general or the United States called direct route round 2 series, they both in material and the type is according to the above, the different material, type, applied in different environment, bearing, choose suitable castor is very important.
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