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Mobile scaffolding caster wheel - choose what to pay attention to Industry information -

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-26
【 Industrial casters 】 Universal wheel, adjust the foot manufacturers caster is the an important move scaffolding accessories, castor is good or bad directly affect the move the scaffold in the actual use of the function and the feelings, so the choose and buy of castor should pay attention to what aspects? Castor of choose and buy must pay attention to the following several aspects: 1. The wheels of the material: this is very important, usually have PU, TPR, PP, rubber, nylon, etc. , as for the suitable temperature, surface hardness, the ground environment, etc. 2. Choose scale: usually KT caster wheel diameter, the greater the advance the effort, cross impede ability is better, because of castor first at the end of the 19th century western industrialization, so castor intrusive usually show by inches, as China's most supermarket trolley with 5 inch, 4 inch caster wheel. Currently popular on the market of castor scale ranging from 1 to 10 inches, the scale of the commonly used 2 inch, 2. 5 inch and 3 inch, 3. 5 inch and 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 ', 8 ', 10 ', etc. , usually often needs to promote, such as supermarket shopping cart, logistics trolley, factory with 4 ~ 6 inch caster is preferred. But too much caster wheel diameter can make equipment center of gravity rises, capital to add, so to be inductive thinking. If the device does not demand often propulsion, such as furniture, refrigerator, etc. , only needs to move during cleaning, choose 3 inches below the castor. 3. See bearing: the same diameter of casters, commonly used to different manufacturers will produce several series bearing, such as light, medium, medium, etc. , is to make the wheels and stents may have different thickness materials. Calculate the load of a single caster to give the safe coefficient of must, when compare with flat on the ground, a single caster wheel load = ( Equipment had been present on the caster and quantity) ×1. 2 ( Safety coefficient) ; If the earth is not flat, then the algorithm for the total weight of a single caster wheel load = equipment present 3, due to either the flat on the ground, always support equipment with at least three wheels, this algorithm is equal to add the safety coefficient, more secure, to avoid the lack of bearing, from castor full greatly cut or cause trouble. In foreign company, usually with LBS, shows that the domestic mostly use kg, their conversion to contact is: 2. 2 pounds = 1 kg. 4. Stent pick: divided into directional and universal, usually with carbon steel raw materials, can undertake various plating, such as galvanized, copper plating, nickel plating, chrome plating, spraying, etc. , also useful stainless steel, 5. Brakes: from the function, the brake wheel, brake bracket wanxiang, both with brake is double brake, and tread brake, brake, the brake side, contact castor plant in detail. 6. Installation method: normally available screw, insert rod, light load of swelling gel sets, such as overloaded with floor, may directly welded to the device. Large companies usually unit method is very rich. 7. KT castor placement on the device: settlement method, not only affect the capital, promote feelings also greatly different.
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