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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-12
Castor we often meet in the life. But so castor material is qualitative different, bearing different purpose is not the same, such as wheel used in the mobile scaffolding industry would be different, round up to focus on industrial production and wholesale, various models complete, the company produces the industrial round can be widely used in various industries, and products to sell well both at home and abroad at present, so users can rest assured purchase. Grain of castor characteristic parameters: C550 is mainly used in construction engineering, C551 scaffold wheel mobile scaffolding, moving more convenient save Labour, single wheel wheel diameter specifications for 6 and 8, material selection of single wheel polyurethane pu bag cast iron or plastic coated core wheel and rubber bag cast iron wheel, three kinds of load about 227 kg - — 380 kg C550 round plug rod type: rod length 100 mm, inserted rod diameter of 35 mm C551 pipe type: hole is 100 mm long, hole pipe inner 54 mm, 59 mm pipe diameter
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