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Much! ! ! ! The pu castor negative weight so much

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-02
Much! ! ! ! The negative weight of the pu castor is so great that the pu castor is vulnerable to the ground and on the ground of various objects and surroundings in various corrosive medium and corrosion, according to the actual working conditions to choose the appropriate castor wheels. The wheel directly contact with the ground. If choose undeserved, can greatly shorten the service life of castor, work environment will influence the use of the wheel. Polyurethane casters in abrasion resistance, rolling resistance and tear resistance is superior to the tire same size of the polyvinyl chloride resin rubber tire caster wheel load capacity is 6 ~ 7 times its can achieve continuous production process and automation, produces little waste in the process of the production and use, and more importantly waste tire part of the body can be recycled for other polyurethane products, will not cause environmental pollution. Testing on the surface of the tire visual degree of wear and tear. Tyre tread & other; Grinding flat spot & throughout; May suggest that the accumulation of foreign body, such as thread the wire clutter may be winding wheel, remove the wheel bolts and nuts, clear clutter. Check whether the wheel bearing damaged, if there is no damage to the parts can be reassembled continue to use, if often meet the wheels is sundry winding phenomenon Suggestions can avoid assembly anti-wind cover. Although tens of thousands of different species of castor, buffer castor most widely used, thanks to the buffer castor has not only high bearing capacity, more filtering turbulence, reduce the effect of impact, whether cargo or manned will play a protective role, improve the comfortableness. Much! ! ! ! The negative weight of the pu castor is so great that more news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 316. html
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