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Non-standard customized intelligent handling equipment casters, product advantage in where

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-14
Intelligent handling castor products in in many fields has a very good use effect, it can improve the efficiency of the daily transport equipment operation, but also can improve the stability of transportation equipment, which is why such products can launch of the most important reason is attracted a lot of buyers, today let's take a look at where the advantage of smart handling castor and intelligent. First, applicability broader handling equipment at the beginning of castor is mainly used in industry, but as industry and agriculture castor constantly fine product design technology, the use of such castor products value more and more high, the current carrying type of mobile device can in textile industry, industrial and agricultural use, and other fields, and is the main AGV casters on intelligent castor products, such castor can have terminal control, through the terminal receives the information to send all kinds of instruction, improve the efficiency of the use of castor, AGV castor mainly collocation in AGV car, etc. Second, improve the product design flexibility intelligent handling equipment castor mainly want to embody a suitability and practicability, all kinds of caster is seemingly simple accessories, actually inside design and use function is also to be reckoned with, intelligent handling castor widely, the size of the design to conform to the requirements of the various mobile equipment installation, and compared with all kinds of traditional product design, non-standard custom intelligent handling equipment casters to at the time of product design more in line with the needs of their customers. Third, the details more to optimize the design of the intelligent mobile devices castor besides appearance to conform to the basic standards, at the same time all kinds of parts should not have any defect, castor assembly technical requirement accord with national standard, including rotating parts, such as wheels, bracket, etc in the test of time should be able to do flexible rotation, etc. , in addition, non-standard product design can be more on detail design optimization, including to check whether there is loose phenomenon such as wheels, we are looking for all kinds of custom manufacturers need to be able to pay more attention to manufacturers strength, especially the details of the product even more so, because it is precisely these design excellence reflects a industrial truckle supplier power. Non-standard customized intelligent handling equipment casters and a detail need to be aware of is if the intelligent brake on industrial casters, need to be able to focus on the design of the braking device, support to strictly control the steering between clearance. Non-standard custom services are popular is because they can really do their mood, especially for some professional equipment manufacturers, many buyers considering the effect of use of the product, would rather choose expensive custom service, evaluation of intelligent mobile casters quality can through the caster wheel braking force experiment, horizontal force static experiment and the steering system dynamics, etc. Non-standard customized intelligent handling equipment specialized truckle of standardized design reference is a general concept, it includes product generalization, systematic, modular and other standardized not driving, standardization of design is to be able to get the best product in a certain range, in order to be able to use better products, the terms of use and also need to pay attention to, such as temperature in extreme situations if the use of castor for material selection is very limited, will greatly reduce the service life of castor.
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