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Non-standard customized intelligent handling equipment special castor, improve product design flexibility

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-14
Non-standard custom services compared with the traditional product design can improve the flexibility of product design, because they are doing all kinds of product design to pay more attention to customer's demands, non-standard custom smart devices in the special castor has been widely used in various industries, because now all kinds of intelligent transportation equipment especially in operation, then the castor products as indispensable parts in equipment production, nature also received more attention. Non-standard custom is one of the principle of intelligent handling equipment specialized truckle to conform to the requirements of the state for special product manufacturing, to conform to the principle of 3 c standard, even if is the underlying custom class service will not be able to escape from reality, in accordance with customer demand time needs to be able to strictly grasp the quality, now on the market has a lot of can provide customized services for all kinds of casters products brand, but clients can shop around, best understand the most optimal manufacturer cooperation, it can also improve the quality of the non-standard custom service, will also be able to better protect the interests of the company. Again, non-standard custom intelligent handling equipment specialized truckle reference need to be able to pay attention to the standardization of design, here we are referring to the standardization is a general concept, it includes product generalization, systematic, modular and other standardized not driving, standardization of design is to be able to get the best product in a certain range, suggest the user think about all kinds of non-standard custom intelligent handling equipment can be combined with the practical considerations, measure all kinds of combination equipment need the caster wheel size, considering the need to customize, etc. , the number of castor intelligent handling equipment mainly includes the AGV car now, intelligent conveyor belt products, such as the combination equipment are in need of castor product design is not the same, or recommend to contact manufacturer to make a certain communication and beforehand. In addition, the selection of non-standard customized intelligent handling equipment can save a lot of time, it is an internal mature products, when doing the design itself is based on the combination of single demand to design equipment, it can improve the practical use of all kinds of spare parts in particular, improved product quality, and custom class components are generally have high reliability, also has certain advantages in processing and assembly part. Finally, choose a on the high quality non-standard customized intelligent handling equipment is helpful for subsequent handling and operation work, also can make full use of and inheritance have some designs, is conducive to the development of subsequent products, also can improve the operation efficiency, certainly also received more attention. Non-standard customized intelligent handling equipment service are so popular, or because such services can fit the modern consumer demand, and customized design to highlight the use value of the product itself, but also can improve the fine product modification process, which can put the customer may effectively passed to the overall design, breakthrough technology bottleneck restriction, but also can improve the effect of the actual use of the product. Believe that after this introduction, everybody for customized services have more understanding, if recent consider all kinds of professional equipment or parts are private custom service friends can understand the market better what brand or organization.
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