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Nylon casters: why do you want to use boiling water to wash?

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-09
Nylon casters: why do you want to use boiling water to wash? - - - - - - Adjust the foot - Beijing KNT Chester technology co. , LTD. Nylon casters because of the special performance of material, temperature, the lower the intensity of the worse. Therefore, in the case of low temperature use period may be shortened. Advice before using nylon wheel, should use boiling water to wash it. All plastic nylon casters in a kind of special material, namely material moisture content is higher, the greater the strength of materials. Just injection nylon casters industrial products are generally after drying the moisture content of basic at 0. Less than 03%. And universal wheel material is dry, the impact strength of nylon casters will be bad, life is short. Under the condition of certain humidity, material will pass natural moisture absorption, impact strength will improve with the increase of moisture content. Generally factory finished, direct delivery, and natural moisture absorption will be unstable. Spring and summer humidity is high, qiu dong the day the humidity is low, natural moisture absorption effect is different, so it is the castor with boiling water water to hygroscopic material in a short period of time stability. In the case of low temperature, therefore, simply a nylon casters, with hot water can not only help improve the use effect of castor, also can to a certain extent, reduce the friction, prolong the service life of castor, this little trick you might as well try.
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