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Nylon wheel - generally applies to what place

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-18
Universal wheel - 【 Industrial casters 】 The manufacturer first, universal wheel, adjust the feet make KNT case, Beijing science and technology co. , LTD. Tell everyone the nylon wheel, exactly? We call the polyamide fiber, nylon, full name industry jargon I called 'PA. It usually has a better effect of mute, so these more quiet place in the laboratory and hospital use nylon wheel more; And the nylon material is more wear-resisting, so the use of nylon wheel cycle can reach a relatively long time; It can also more resistant to high temperature, so all can use in the kitchen inside the greenhouse nylon wheel; Another is that his chemical resistance is in other plastic material is not good, so the nylon wheel in places like chemical chamber with a bit more. The end of the nylon material and characteristics and application fields, we will talk about the nylon wheel concrete can be used and the product is tie-in. The nylon wheel on common market has smooth and with decorative pattern two kinds. Like a cart of flat car and scooter, general is the use of patterned nylon wheel, because it can make cart won't have any slippage in containing the goods; But want to use in hospital to yes cart it will need to use smooth nylon wheel, because smooth nylon wheel when driving and voice than patterned ground friction, and smooth nylon wheel when driving will be more smooth, so smooth nylon wheel is more suitable for use in hospital in such a quiet environment. Carts used nylon wheel is generally one or two universal wheel with two directional wheel, or are the two universal belt brake casters with two wheels.
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