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Nylon wheel with what what features and applications?

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-18
- - - - - - Castor price - 【 Industrial casters 】 Universal wheel, adjust the foot manufacturer first, let us first understand what is nylon. Nylon ( Nyion) Full name is called the Polyamide fiber, English name is called Polyamide ( Industry jargon PA) 。 This kind of nylon ( PA) Have a certain effect of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, mute, damping effect, chemical resistance and other properties. The nylon ( PA) Is more extensive in the application of the material. Such as nylon rope, nylon cloth, nylon conveyor belt, nylon tents, nylon wheel and so on. Then spread to everyone about the nylon wheel of the characteristics and application fields of nylon wheel. We also have to nylon explained above, so, nylon wheel it is also in wear resistance, high temperature resistance, mute effect, damping effect, chemical resistance and other properties have a certain advantage. It is because the nylon wheel it is with the advantages of the above, so also makes nylon wheel is widely used in various fields. For example: the inside of the trolley car, the use of nylon wheel, can greatly improve the trolley in the ground and the degree of sand smooth, nylon wheel at the same time also has the effect of quiet, smooth, feel is good, and features such as nylon wheel surface is smooth, no burr, also can make the cart at the time of use to achieve the best effect. The application fields of nylon wheel, of course, is far more than just these. For example, in some storage equipment will be assembled on the nylon wheel; Inside the hospital beds, walking while wheelchair trolley assembly on the nylon wheel; Like the inside of the supermarket shopping carts will be assembled on the nylon wheel. Nylon wheel: including nylon casters, nylon gear wheel, PU, nylon, plastic, nylon wheel, nylon wheel, nylon core forklift wheel etc. Nylon plastic universal wheel: stand is made of steel sheet stamping forming, surface treatment, galvanized or according to the requirement, wear resistance corrosion, can form a complete set of various type brake. Nylon plastic single wheel, injection molding, can form a complete set of ball bearing, needle roller, shaft sleeve type or size bearing. Nylon universal wheel, wear resistance, resistance load, it is widely used in furniture furniture and equipment, food machinery, shopping malls supermarket equipment, trolleys etc. As the fields of application broadening, the nylon wheel in furniture, bags and other industries use also is constantly increasing.
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