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On the baidu search for pu castor will find valuable

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-27
On the baidu search for pu castor will find valuable, the performance of the pu castor classification: according to the varieties: ordinary pu castor, spherical polyurethane casters, and so on. According to the material: pu pu castor, grey rubber pu castor, nylon pu pu castor castor, metal, etc. Application: suitable for installation, the furniture such as tables and chairs, bed cupboard, sofa and various kinds of trolley, medical equipment, instruments, meters and other industrial products, flexible rotation, safe and reliable. Abrasion resistance, impact resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion, good low temperature resistance, high temperature resistant, driving wheel, protect the floor, little noise quiet performance. Industrial casters parts of various types of single wheel type industrial casters, such as size, type, tyre tread, each are not identical. Industrial casters accessories mainly includes the following aspects: anti-wind cover: to avoid winding shaft and other materials and the clearance between the wheel and stents, to rotate the wheels are free. Seal: avoid steering bearing or bearing of single wheel into dust, maintain its lubricity, easy to rotate. Steering lock: through the spring bolt locking to bearing ( Four or two locking) Lock for fixed castor castor, can put the activity. Pu castor is installed in the castor wheels can support in the dynamic or static load level rotate 360 degrees. Our company produces the pu castor bracket is made of thickness steel plate stamping, carrying capacity is strong, bearing adopts the high quality bearing, flexible to operate freely, and long service life. The maintenance of heavy industrial casters to heavy industrial casters for effective maintenance on a regular basis to trundle operation on site maintenance. Maintenance is divided into lubricating and cleaning operation of the site and entanglement and anti rust from three aspects. On the baidu search for pu castor will find valuable, more news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 118. html
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