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Part of the caster wheel have?

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-19
- - - - - - Heavy duty castor - 【 Industrial casters 】 Manufacturers actually castor this universal wheel, adjust the foot, the words can be said to be quite upset if say the wheels or tires you may be familiar. But said castor, probably a lot of people in the guess. What is that? Here is part of the introduction of castor: 1. Anti-wind cover: to avoid winding shaft and other materials and the clearance between the wheel and stents, to rotate the wheels are free. 2, sealing ring: avoid steering bearing or bearing of single wheel into dust, maintain its lubricity, easy to rotate. 3, steering lock: through the spring bolt locking to bearing ( Four or two locking) Lock for fixed castor castor, can put the activity. 4, single wheel brake switch: on the wheel axle sleeve or tire surface, with the hand or foot operated brake switch device. 5, the whole brake switch: can lock steering device can be fixed wheel brake button again. 6, brace: installed below the transport, can make its fixed at a particular location on the device. Other: including steering arm, leverage, rubber fenders, locking pad, and other parts with a specific purpose.
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