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Please check before using pu castor bolt tightness

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-04
Please check before using pu castor bolt tightness, the pu castor appropriate maintenance inspection, especially check bolt tightness, lubricating oil, to replace the damaged rolling performance and rotary motion of the wheel can enhance flexibility. Rubber tires or slack is likely to lead to serious breakage scroll is not stable, leakage, load is unusual, and floor damage and so on, timely replacement of damaged tires and bearing can reduce the cost brought by the shutdown losses due to damage of the wheel. Polyurethane casters, it is a kind of a material between general rubber and plastic, this is by far the most resistant elastomer, and harmless to human body, and can completely biodegradable, don't need to add carbon black and some have carcinogenic effect of rubber compound, is the ideal material for manufacturing tire tread. The biggest characteristic of polyurethane casters is within the scope of the hardness of the high elasticity, good mechanical strength, oil resistance and ozone resistance, good low temperature performance. Castor often the more the more easy to promote, the greater the load capacity, but also can protect the ground intact, wheel diameter size first consideration should be given the choice of bearing and the weight of the load on the truck starting under thrust to decide. Pu castor technology in the continuous innovation, single wheel rotation, the more the greater the effort, roller bearings can carry heavier load, rotational resistance is larger; Single wheel installed on the high quality ball bearing can bear a heavy load, turn the lighter, flexible peace. The applicability of the process, the diversity of the polyurethane elastomer is very extensive, application domain expands unceasingly. Caster wheel bearing ability, also known as dynamic load in caster wheel dynamic load is different due to the test in a different way of the factory, material of the wheel will have different and different, the key is to support the structure and quality can impact and shock resistance. When equipment has fundamental impact or vibration of the castor instantaneous load bearing capacity. Static load and static load static load and static load: castor can bear the weight of the under stationary state. More news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 425. html
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