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Polyurethane casters need on a regular basis to do a good job of lubrication

by:Dajin caster     2020-04-30
Polyurethane casters need on a regular basis to do a good job of lubrication? Pu castor installation height, is refers to from the ground to the vertical distance between equipment installation position, the installation of the castor height refers to the caster and plate to the side of the wheel vertical distance. Second turning radius, refers to the center of the rivet vertical line to the outside of the tire on the edge of the horizontal distance, proper spacing can let castor as a 360 degree turn, turning radius is reasonable and is closely related to the service life of the castor. The last is the impact of the caster wheel load, when the equipment has fundamental impact or vibration, castor is can bear the weight of that moment, in order to ensure the flexibility of caster wheel driving, must want to have a framework to support steel. The castor wheel radius, the greater the driving flexibility is better. As expanding the scope of the wheel in the modern society, the wheels of the species are abundant. So relevant personnel, if want to guarantee the use effect of the wheel, according to the requirements of the different equipment mobile or industry to choose the right type of caster is very necessary. If want to reduce the user's use difficulty, then relevant staff need to do a good job of lubricating the wheels on a regular basis. If found the wheel tyre severe wear, users need to do a good job of replacement tires in a timely manner. In order to guarantee the use effect of the wheel, the staff should be to do a good job of castor maintenance on a regular basis. In front of the common mobile cart it is depend on two fixed behind the wheel and two universal wheel near the driver do together. But in either type of castor, want to ensure that the use effect of castor, when using the staff we must pay attention to some problems. In order to ensure no sluggish acerbity wheels when moving, and so on, the staff want to castor for lubrication operation on a regular basis. Used to prevent the wheels to loosen and so on influence, the regular inspection for the wheels of the screw and tighten is also very necessary. Insulation pipe manufacturers of related staff said, and staff should pay attention to avoid castor overweight. Polyurethane casters need on a regular basis to do a good job of lubrication? More news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 168. html
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