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Polyurethane casters on the surface of the hard and soft degree how to adjust

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-02
Polyurethane casters on the surface of the hard and soft degree how to adjust? No matter how severe the change of the external economic environment, industrial casters are there won't be too disruptive changes in the market, after all, the rigid demand is still the main body. Making money as long as the enterprise, the brand is the expansion of space, while the current industrial castor industry expanded fast, but are generally benign development trend. Weak brands continue to weaken and strength brand still strong expansion, to attract more consumers take out money at the same time, also make the brand performance launches. Static load castor can suffer under stationary state, the weight of the equipment by the vehicle impact or vibration, high temperature resistant trundle brake of the bearing capacity, which is why according to industrial caster wheel bearing capacity to use all kinds of caster equipment to transport goods, radius steering meeting increase the difficulty, too much will cause the wheels wobble and shorten the duration of survival, the wheel driving the greater flexibility, the better, but, if not on the ground, soft wheels. Castor for effective maintenance on a regular basis: users should regularly to maintain functioning part of the caster. Maintenance is divided into add lubricant to the bearing and bead plate and remove the entanglement and anticorrosion of the operation area from three aspects, specific as follows: in the bracket of castor wheel and bearing operation should also be regularly on the site of the lubricating oil to add; Regular cleaning of castor dish bead inside and bearing parts sundry; More news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 321. html
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