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by:Dajin caster     2020-04-25
Medium-sized castor now has been widely used in all walks of life, compared with heavy-duty casters and other products, its bearing capacity have certain limit, can't carry heavy objects, medium-sized castor complement each other, but it can have a better applicability, flexibility, and so in the practical application of medium or castor application scope is more extensive, including transportation, supermarket industry, prevent industry, etc. Since medium-sized castor with multiple industries have influence, the procurement of appropriate medium castor is particularly important that the purchase of castor should not only focus on material, but also choose the appropriate size, etc. , if the first procurement friend can understand what are the popular items on the market today, at the same time also to its subsequent sourcing has a certain reference. Medium-sized castor polyurethane pu belongs to a new type of material, is popular at present, it can be resistant to corrosion, reduce loss, such as castor products in the process of operation and so on the market sentiment is higher, the raw materials for polyurethane medium castor products on the market sales volume is very good, if you want to purchase can satisfy the use extreme environment, at the same time have a certain scope of bearing castor products friend can watch polyurethane medium casters, usually in the scope of its load bearing 150 kilograms. Stainless steel medium castor stainless steel castor castor belongs to composite materials, stainless caster is now more popular, because stainless steel materials for a wide range, flexible steering castor products at the same time, the contact with the ground to reduce friction loss and so on, also can reduce the castor noise in the process of product use, so the truckle to sell on the market about this kind of material is also good, but the stainless steel castor truckle compared with other materials would be somewhat initiated price. Medium-sized nylon single medium-sized nylon caster wheel is also a popular sheet is tasted, including 3 inches medium nylon single wheel, directional casters, and so on, this kind of castor product model is numerous, can be suitable for different installation environment, but also can improve the effect of using, nylon material medium castor flexible, convenient to use the highest bearing load at about 150 kg, medium casters are widely used in medical equipment, mechanical equipment, trolleys, shelves and other products. Medium-sized castor castor and fixed castor, castor which activity is what we call universal wheel, it is able to rotate 360 degrees, so use up more flexible; But fixed castor can not rotate, so it is also referred to as the directional casters, both have different scope, different product structure recommended before purchasing can gain a better understanding of the different size of caster wheel. Castor products after using for a long time will have different degree of loss, in order to prolong the service life of castor, can't be broken with less maintenance work, including the grease, parts of the change in time, such as castor products in most cases are bearing heavy burdens when they are going, so with that in mind, as far as possible let casters used in road construction is a great location, if also can reduce the loss of everyday, castor purchase quantity also needs more than the number of casters need as far as possible, avoid than castor maximum load, caused the additional loss of castor, hope everybody can be on the basis of understanding to buy the most suitable products.
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