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Pu castor dimensions and the market price is introduced

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-06
Pu castor bracket need to have enough strength to meet when using bearing weight. Heavy universal plastic bags castor no role not to be changed, also not affected by installation. Turn shaft motion must always vertical. Must be between fixed axle on a straight line. Once all use only rotating heavy universal casters, they must be consistent. A universal wheel and heavy universal wheels are fixed but heavy, so heavy all universal wheel must be compatible with each other, in addition to this subject to manufacturer's recommended. Pu castor, sealing ring size and market price to avoid to bearing or bearing of single wheel into the dust, castor price maintain its lubricity, easy to rotate. Brace: under the transport installation, can make its fixed in one position. The brake switch: can lock steering device can be fixed wheel brake button again. Matters that should pay attention to in the online purchase pu castor can look more, ask more, ask more, universal wheel as the industrialization, the production of goods, production enterprise generally set up website. Polyurethane casters specifications procurement methods can be flexible. If the wheels of the enterprises purchase quantity is big, can place an order online field to have full contact after inspection. Smaller purchase quantity and ordering cost, can through the electronic retailing platform contact manufacturer can send some samples first batch purchasing or step by step. To measure the market trend of various kinds of wheels. After weighing the foot that the wheel after a bargain, might as well to pu castor manufacturers also do a understanding, choose to have recognition factory purchasing. Combined with their own enterprise production cost control and the actual use of time and factory profile, etc. , can choose conclusion. Installation of heavy universal encapsulates the skill of castor specifies the location of the building. Steering lock: through the spring bolt locking to bearing ( Four or two locking) Lock for fixed castor castor, can put the activity. Anti-wind cover: to avoid winding shaft and other materials and the clearance between the bracket and the wheel, the wheels can free rotation. Single wheel brake switch: on the wheel axle sleeve or tire surface, with the hand or foot operated brake switch device. High elastic polyurethane casters & # 8203; You can directly search castor manufacturers and world-renowned brand casters, direct access to its website and castor platform carefully browsing information. Cost performance trade-offs. Experience in purchasing and/or wheels. The moment I get basic wheel price to know how the quality of the service life of the wheel, basic it is can tell. Several aspects including material, with shoes, the design is basic can determine, probably as pu castor buyers mostly after watching the wheels for the price of a trade-off. ( )
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