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Pu castor is designed according to what factors

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-02
Pu castor is designed according to what factors, used for handling all kinds of mechanical machine or other heavy objects, can cooperate with jack, hand over the top and other lifting tool are used together, reduce the labor intensity, improve efficiency. I companies operating various types of truck, such as the carrier, is mainly used for handling journey across obstacles in handling work, the carrier can easily cross obstacle, won't hurt to the carrier and the operation is simple; Manual hydraulic carrier features: oil pump for whole sealed, key parts imported German original have overload protection to eradicate the disadvantage of the oil, the size of the piston rod chromium plating structure is firm, overload protection, falling speed control, valve core adopts integral parts, is different from the scattered parts, easy maintenance, which makes the vehicle more adapt to the market demand. Material directly determines the application scope and the intensity of industrial caster wheel, the material of industrial casters usually have pu, nylon, rubber, cast iron, plastic, etc. Among them, pu, nylon is the most common castor material, are used in various situations, is the general material. For some special places, such as the special requirements of some extremely demanding occasions, can choose a particular material in order to achieve the use effect. Learned to understand that the economic value of goods is decided by social necessary labor time. To put it bluntly, this sentence and the social common goods produced in time, the more value the price is higher, is not conducive to the popularity of goods. To develop economy, must reduce the production time. In any commodity production process, handling time is with a share of the goods. And traditional goods transportation often rely on artificial, since the advent of industrial polyurethane casters, trolley, van really realized the leap on the function, greatly reduced the time of cargo handling, also on the overall improve the production efficiency of all kinds of goods. Using high pressure punch production caster stents, stamping molding, suitable for 200 - 500 kg capacity short-distance transport of goods. Can be used according to different user environment can choose all kinds of material and the width of the load of castor. Industrial caster wheel can be used in the factory, workshop, generally speaking, the use environment of commercial, catering and other industries. Can according to the size of the environmental bearing capacity to meet the needs of users to design different castor products. Pu castor is designed according to what factors, more news and information about pu castor please click: hynews / 317. html
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