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Pu castor manufacturers how to build ecological industry with the aid of baidu

by:Dajin caster     2020-05-01
Pu castor manufacturers how to build ecological industry with the aid of baidu? In the last year & other; Artificial intelligence is the mobile Internet next scene & throughout; And cause the secondary market of the artificial intelligence hype frenzy, held on May 23, 2017 baidu union summit, chairman and chief executive robin li, baidu further put forward the new thinking of The Times, artificial intelligence, he argues, the thinking mode of the Internet is from & other; Mobile thinking throughout the &; To & other; AI thought & throughout; Evolution. At the same time, with the advent of the era of AI, baidu said, has been set up 15 years of baidu alliance will work with the alliance partners to establish intelligent ecological alliance of AI era. In the baidu union summit, robin li, summarizes the artificial intelligence in the era of ways of thinking, & other; On the one hand, mobile phones will exist for a long time, but few opportunities for mobile. New era has brought new opportunities, just staring at the phone, do some regular practice, already can't keep up with the pace of The Times. On the other hand, our way of thinking to change, from & lsquo; Mobile thinking & rsquo; To & lsquo; AI thought & rsquo; 。 At the same time, the combination of software and hardware, and redefine & lsquo; People-oriented & rsquo; 。 In addition, data seconds kill algorithm, the algorithm to promote social progress, it is generally observed in the era of AI's first thing. ” On November 16th last year in the proceedings of the third session of the world Internet conference, li, said & other; Two years ago, I came to wuzhen in speak, how can we adapt to the mobile Internet era, I want to talk about today is the age of mobile Internet has ended. ” At the same time, li also on many occasions to & other; The Internet throughout the next scene &; A speech topic that artificial intelligence is under the mobile Internet. For baidu, the core of artificial intelligence is & other; Baidu throughout the brain &; 。 It is understood that baidu brain mainly has four aspects ability: natural language processing, speech recognition, image recognition processing, and user pictures. At the same time, the artificial intelligence technology's ability to support baidu each business line is more and more strong, baidu said, with baidu penetration in the field of artificial intelligence and power, finance, baidu search, baidu baidu mobile end O2O existing businesses such as all shows a tendency of rapid growth. Since 2016, baidu began to comprehensive strength in the field of artificial intelligence. In April 2016, baidu business architecture restructuring, set up & other; Baidu search company & throughout; , li said, people will spend more time and energy on their Internet financial, no car, artificial intelligence and other innovation business; Established in September 2016, baidu vc, focusing on areas such as artificial intelligence, AR, VR; In January 2017, the former Microsoft executive vice President of qi lu to join baidu; In February 2017, baidu health group intelligent small e team doctor and thumb into artificial intelligence system. As China's earliest and largest and the most influential Internet industry alliance, baidu union has been 15 years. But with the advent of the era of AI, baidu said, baidu union will establish the AI of the era of intelligence with coalition partners ecological alliance. Baidu union, said general manager Deng Mingsheng AI era baidu coalition partners, including from web media, content partners, to the mobile phone manufacturers, operators, App, can cover more ubiquitous screens and end. AI core technology, with baidu, baidu union will aggregate all scenarios screen with end, provides the ability for online and offline media connection, realize all the media, help partners to realize intelligent evolution. In addition to technology, baidu union will also be in resource, management, management, etc. , as a partner to build four integrated & other; AI venture throughout new ecological &; Entrepreneurial hero, mining and cultivate more AI. Deng Mingsheng pointed out that in the last 15 years, baidu union solidarity with partners, and grow up together, have so far for alliance partners into up to 40 billion yuan, only divided into of 2016 reached 14. 2 billion yuan, hit a record high, which is divided into more than one hundred million yuan of the league's top club up to 20. Under the new cooperation ecological, baidu union will continue to continue high into plan. At the scene of the summit, Deng Mingsheng announced & other; Two hundred, a diversified & throughout; New into policy: content is divided into and baidu together partners will enjoy a 100% of screen is divided into; Mobile phone baidu except for partners to provide the CPI and CPA cooperation pattern, also provide a combination of CPA + CPC cooperation way, let partners continue to benefit from the rapid development of mobile phone baidu. Pu castor manufacturers how to build ecological industry with the aid of baidu? 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